Hi Jim,

How are you?

I am writing to you because I read your WordPress blog that I am following. You have post about asking you questions.
I am new to writing, only been doing this for a year now and have about 30 stories, twelve of them I wish to put into a collection and publish as an eBook.
My question is, how do you find an editor? English is my second language and so I would like to have someone looking into grammar and sentence build.
I have looked around and found several editors but they are very expensive (the book is about 77,000 words long). The lowest I could find was around the $1,200 mark. Is that what it should cost or am I just not aware of the market?
Any answer would be appreciated and thank you for you time.
Yakir garavelas

Hi Yakir,

I am doing very well, thank you!

You’re not alone, I’ve actually seen this a couple of times. A lot of editors are super expensive. It can be tough even when you see ones that are like $0.05/word, that adds up to a small fortune with larger works!

My advice would be to either go to Goodreads and either check their community for beta reading groups, or beta readers willing to work within your price range (some on goodreads do work cheaply.) Another thing you can do is visit a college in your local area and post a request with your contact information for an English major to do some editing work for you. Typically, college students will read/edit and they usually only charge $100-300 for it.

Your best bet is one of the groups. You’ll have to help by reading someone else’s work and doing edits there, but it will be well worth it.

Readers, how do you find beta readers for your books?



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  1. I mostly use my discord server and other writing discords to find beta readers. I also get tons of feedback from posting my stuff on wattpad (which isn’t for everybody-but I’m not interested in traditional publishing). In the past, I’ve also used facebook groups and goodreads groups. A friend of mine swears by Critique Circle for beta reading and I know other writers who use reddit to find betas.


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