Hi Jim,
I was wondering, do you have any difficulty re-reading your previous work, after it’s been published? My first book is hard for me to read, just because my writing has gotten so much better since then, I’m almost embarrassed to read it.
Is there one in particular that you go back to regularly? Just curious.


Hi Sallie,

Sometimes. Writing styles are fluid. They’re always changing with the more we read and write.  As time goes on, one of our older works are likely to begin to look like they were written by a different person all together. However, there is good news. Many publishers, especially self-publishing, gives you the option to update your work as you see fit, though I would recommend a round of editing if you do decide to do this. Also, you may void your copyright registration if you’ve gone this route. Just be prepared that there is a lot of work that may need to go into doing something like this.

To your second question… actually yes. Gravestalker was definitely the most fun to write and it’s a book I revisit regularly. I always keep a copy nearby just in case. It always helps to get reintroduced to an old friend whenever I’m having trouble writing.


This came after the hardest story for me to write, ‘Tears of the Fallen’ because admittedly direct sequels aren’t my thing. However even then, the ideas for Gravestalker were flowing, but I had to set the stage for everything that happened in Gravestalker first. The characters had to be hurt and terrible things had to happen before the redemption story can take place. It was a labor of love, but it was a labor nonetheless. Thankfully the payoff was more than worth it and Gravestalker remains my favorite of all the books I’ve written.



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Thanks friends!

Catch you on the flip side!



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