Before I get to today’s recommendation… I just want to say that searching for new music to whet my appetite is becoming a chore. YouTube recommendations have all but dried up… and honestly in my preferred genres, everyone is either trying to be the next Within Temptation or Nightwish. They all come off sounding incredibly generic and watered down by comparison.

Then you’ve got the bands that actually sound like something you could get into… but you’re waiting, hoping to hear just one or two notes that will make a song resonate with you… and it never gets there. You go through the band’s playlist, because you like their style… but the music just never quite get’s there.

PLEASE Metal Bands, do something new, do something different, do something unique! I’m here waiting for you and I’ll showcase your work!

All right, well you came here for a recommendation. So let’s take a step back a few years to Project Aegis, a project of Rob Rock:

I love the vocals, I love the story… I love how this was all done as a charity.

When to Listen: Sheer positive energy. Listen to this when experiencing writing fatigue. It will help, trust me! 


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