Hello Jim,

I have a question that… may be a bit strange and is more about author
etiquette than writing itself.

Some time ago, I’ve contacted the author of one of my favorite books,
asking him whether he’d be okay with me making a reference/easter egg
(or how people call it these days) to his book. I’ve already considered
that quite daring but, to my surprise, he agreed.

Now that my book is done, I wonder whether I should contact him again
and offer him a copy of the book but, as I’m new to being author and my
knowledge of author etiquette is minimal, I don’t know whether this
might be the right thing to do, or not. Part of me sees it as an
expression of gratitude and another part as rudely showing my book to
someone else’s hand.

And, on the side line, the doubtful me keeps screaming that I would
probably make a fool of myself in case he’d accept and not like the story.




It’s a good question. One thing I will say is to make sure that you credit the original creator for permission to use their characters.

Honestly, a lot of work goes into my books, requiring many hands. At any time, the team includes

An editor

A second editor

A Photographer

A model

An artist

and a distribution planner.

That’s usually at minimum. That’s not including reps and the legalise. Typically though, I try to offer anyone who put work into the book a copy in addition to whatever compensation they receive.

In your case, I get the impression that the original author isn’t asking for royalties or anything like that. So if absolutely offer them a copy. It’s only polite.

Hope this helps. Readers, what do you think? Did you offer copies of your work to people who helped make it possible? Do you plan to? Let us know I the comments.


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Thanks friends!

Catch you on the flip side!


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