Hi Jim,

I often find myself writing a great deal when I’ve either had a lot to drink or right after smoking weed. Do you find either helps or do you know of anything else that helps spark your creativity? You don’t have to openly admit to anything illegal, but I read a while back that some of Stephen King’s best work was done when he was drunk.



Oh boy… all right, well Duroz (if that is your real name). 😉

You’re going to be somewhat disappointed. I write sober. Stone cold sober. I’m a half blood Irish, so that pretty much ensures that I’m going to be a social drunk, but I started writing a new chapter in one of my stories when I was completely plastered and… to this day I haven’t been able to finish the book because I can’t figure out for the life of me where I was going with what I wrote.

As for marijuana… I’ve honestly never touched the stuff, so I can’t comment on how it would affect my mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with people who do smoke it and I’m happy for those people now that it’s legal… I just find the smell completely offensive. To me, it smells like a combination of skunk spray and dog shit someone stepped in. I’m also worried that one day marijuana will suddenly end up like cigarettes. Like the Surgeon General will come out with a statement, ‘Here’s a disease smoking this causes that we didn’t know about before because we didn’t have the research.’

Anyway, as for anything else… I want to make it clear that I have never and will never do any sort of narcotics, street drugs, or anything that impairs me unless its prescribed by a physician.

Let me be very clear about this, whatever inspiration or wacky writing such drug-induced hazes produce, it comes at a very high price. A VERY high price. So smoke up that weed all you want and have your beers (without keys in reach), just stay away from the harder stuff.

As to your question about anything else that sparks creativity… that’s easy for me:
Strong Emotions and Heavy Metal.

Hope this helps!


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Thanks friends!
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3 Comments on “Writing on High

  1. The writer with a drink in hand has been so common in history, it is a cliche. Just google writers who drank for a whole list. Most died younger than necessary and with liver problems and all. Me? I drink too much coffee. Caffeine is about as stimulated as I need.


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