Well it’s finally happened…

After over a year of false starts and really bad ideas… I am back with a new book in the works!

That’s right, for those of you sending me fan mail about Drakin, I can say with reasonable certainty that yes, there will be another book!

So what is this one about, you may ask? Well I don’t want to give too much away, but to give you just a nice little taste, the book takes place following the events of the Orphans of Haven. So it’s technically between Orphans and Empire of Ashes.

It deals with the trials of life in the post-reconstruction period following the end the Red War. The book revolves around two High School seniors who’s biggest concern at the moment is getting through their exams… what they don’t know is that an ancient evil is standing closer to them than they could ever imagine.

This one will have everything; action, romance, horror, and a healthy dose of fantasy. Stay tuned for more updates!

Stay safe, stay healthy, read a book!


Do you have a question about writing, publishing, my stories, etc? Please feel free to post a comment or email me.


I’ll use those comments to select my next blog post.

I have been writing for several years, have 4 published works, experience with publishing and independent work, so I can hopefully be of assistance.

Please note, I only do one of these a day and will do my best to respond to everyone, but it may take some time.

Also, feel free to check out my works of Fantasy and Historical Fiction, Available on Amazon and where ever books are sold. See the link below:


If you have read my books, PLEASE log into Amazon and post a review. I really love to hear everyone’s thoughts and constructive criticisms. Reviews help get my book attention and word of mouth is everything in this business!

Thanks friends!

Catch you on the flip side!


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