For me, this was one of the most heartbreaking themes I’ve ever heard. Specifically fast forward to 2:35. It is one of the most unsettling things I’ve ever heard. The tension of knowing that time is running out and the permanency of the loss suffered when the other person leaves…


When to listen: This is a tough one. I can’t put this on my general playlist. It makes me freeze every time I try to listen to it. However it is good for very specific circumstances…

Let me give you a few examples…

Lia’na was frantic. Her heart raced and her lungs hurt as she continued to try to save him. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she started pounding on Toby’s chest, “No, ta arshana, piele… you can’t be dead.”

She hit his chest one last time before her arms slumped at her side, “How could you do this to me, you asshole! Is this supposed to be your way of teaching me some kind of lesson? You bring me back just so you can show me what it’s like? I get it, it’s the worst pain I could ever experience. You’ve made your point! Now piele, come back to me!”

Lia’na raised her fist and pounded on his chest again, “Come back… come back…”


At that moment, distant bells could be heard ringing out in the sky. Piero closed his eyes, “My time grows short… I have to go.”

Xaphine threw her arms around Piero one last time. She squeezed him as tightly as she could, “Piero… wait… one more moment… please…”

Piero shook his head, “If only I could… I’ll see you soon.”

As Piero and the other angels slowly disappeared, he smiled at Xaphine, “Take care, and watch out for Francesco, he’s about to make a very startling discovery.”

Xaphine nodded sadly, “I will…”

“Goodbye, my love…” Piero replied as he finally vanished. He put on a happy face so that the last image she saw of him was not sadness, but his heart ached as she disappeared from view.

Xaphine’s empty arms fell to their sides. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she embraced her newfound solitude, “Piero… my love… yes… I’ll see you soon…”


So yeah… permanent or prolonged departure is the best time to listen to this. The tune really does a great job of conveying the desperation to hold on to that one last moment before everything changes forever.


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