“Hi Jim,

Just wanted to know how important you think word count is when writing a book?

Appreciate it,


Well John, the short answer is that it is not important. It shouldn’t be a factor when you’re writing… usually.

If you have your heart set on writing a novel and getting it published as a stand-alone book, then… yes word count may be important. Let me put it this way, you or your agent will have a hard time convincing book stores to put your book on the shelf if it’s so small, that it barely has a spine.

That said…

I really would strongly caution you against worrying about it when you’re writing a story. The only time that you should truly be concerned with word count is when you’re doing a paper for class and the professor has a minimum requirement. Other than that, turn the auto word count off. Let the story flow the way you want it to and see where it goes.



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