So you all know my editing/proofing stages at this point:

  1. Getting all my thoughts down on paper.
  2. Organizing thoughts into a cohesive narrative
  3. Write out the first draft.
  4. Add details and meat to the first draft on second write through.
  5. Re-read first draft, make edits and rewrites to the plot and narrative.
  6. Begin writing second draft with new edits organized in.
  7. Re-read second draft and begin making spelling/grammar edits.
  8. Run through spell check and make edits as needed (be careful the spell check is dated software and not always the best correction software.
  9. Re-read to make sure edits make sense.
  10. Run through Grammarly. Make sure each chapter yields as few errors as possible.
  11. Pass your book off to beta readers.
  12. Make beta reader recommended changes as needed.
  13. Submit to agent for publishing or self publish.

That’s always been my recommendation. Lengthy, yes. Tedious, yes. Necessary? Absolutely. However, I’d like to add one more step which should go in before passing the book off to Beta readers.

MS Word has an awesome tool that will read your book to you. It’s not perfect, but if you choose the correct voice for you and the correct speed, you can make it sound almost human. Editing goes to a whole new level when you can hear your words read back to you. What sounds good in your head, and even reading it to yourself, doesn’t always translate well audibly. Running my most recent novels through this software before handing it off to a beta reader has greatly reduced the amount of errors that come back my way for correcting. I cannot recommend it enough.


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