I’m sorry, I miss the 80s. Growing up in the late 80s and watching the slow decline into the early 90s was really amongst the greatest time to be a kid. Nintendo NES was everywhere, Sega Masters was where it wasn’t. Free range parenting was a thing, the internet was barely a dream in the eyes of computer engineers, people actually went out and talked to others, MTV still actually had dealt in music instead of racist undertones, and THIS was the type of stuff you heard of the radio. The fall of music with the Boy Band Wars wasn’t even seen coming yet.

When to Listen: Whirlwind love scenes. This song works so perfectly for them, but I’d recommend putting it on your general playlist as well. Its an upbeat song, a style of which we don’t see anymore… heck EVEN TIFFANY doesn’t sound like this anymore. She’s lost her hair metal growl. So sit back, close your eyes, and picture torn jeans, studded leather, big hair, and incredibly cheesy rotoscoped cartoons!
… God I miss those days!


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