Another one of Edguy’s best. They’re technically a metal band, but I wonder if they would be more appropriately labeled as a ballad or showtune metal band? Honestly I’m not sure.

When to Listen: I have a very specific view of this song. This is a reflection song. What do I mean by that? Place yourself in the scene where you two main characters, your breeding pair if you have one, either meet for the first time, or have a successful first date. It’s a time when they realize that somethings there. So let’s go through a specific set of lyrics: (Starting at 3:12)
One of your characters is walking into her building after the encounter. In fact, have him/her sing the parts… (Yeah I’ve been dying to use the Edguy songs in a Rock Opera).
9-2-9 A number at Sundown
(She leans against the door of her apartment after closing it. )
A Room with a view
(She walks over to her balcony, throws the door open, leans against the railing as she looks out a the city…)
(…and throws her arms up.)
A night to remember!
9-2-9 I’ve been reaching out
(She leans back with a content smile.)
I’m finally home. 


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