Taking criticism….

So there are a couple different types of criticism that I’d like to go over;

Positive criticism: This type of criticism is when a friend, family member, or other person gives you there opinion on something you’ve done in the hopes of helping you improve your work. It is well-meaning, and often quite useful. This is the type where you have to realize that someone is just trying to help. You may welcome it, you may not. You way want it, you may not, but it’s bound to happen. Take that criticism to heart and then decide what to do with it. As always, however, smile and be appreciative. Again, the person is well-meaning.

Negative criticism: Nothing’s worse than when someone comes up to you and says ‘Your work sucks!’ or gives your work 1 star on a book rating website without giving any explanation why… but it happens. You can get mad, you can let them have it… no doubt you want to, but at the end of the day, it solves nothing.
Ignore it.

Underhanded criticism: So I’m giving this one it’s own category because I’m really not sure it completely belongs in the negative… this is where a friend or family member will say something like ‘Wonderful, now that you’re published, you should write about (insert subject), you know, something people would actually read about.’
Excuse me!? Okay, I’m going to stop for a moment on this one because in these cases, it’s hard to tell if the person is trying in their own way to be well-meaning, or just flat out mean spirited. Before getting angry, stop. Think about who is saying this to you. Is this someone who would intentionally insult you or belittle your work?
The best way to handle something like this… at least in my opinion, would be to callously say something like, ‘What are you saying? No one would read what I already write?’

See where it goes. Then you can choose the action from dealing with constructive criticism or negative criticism.

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