Got an idea for a good story? Got 12? I know I do… or did when I first started out. My ideas have ground to a halt recently with the publication of the 4th Drakin novel. Do you plan on writing stories around these? If yes, I’d say STOP and read what I’m about to tell you before writing a single word (or another one if you’ve already started).
One thing you need to understand if you plan on going the route of the traditional publication, remember that in fiction especially, you’re going to need an agent in most cases to help shop your stories to publishers. They have better connections, better avenues, and better contacts at publishing companies. In the modern world, the reality is that they have become gatekeepers to this form of publishing. So what does an agent look for, when scouting out new clients? Well, that’s the funny part, they’re not just looking for people that they can make money off of now, they’re looking for people they can make money off of for a prolonged period of time.
So what’s the best way to make money off of literature for years to come? Invest in writers who plan on writing entire series of novels. I’m not kidding. If the first book does well, those same people will pick up the second, third, fourth, and so on. That’s a regular cash cow for agents looking to hit the jackpot.
So now, back to you. You’ve got a bunch of different ideas. The next best thing you can do is take the current book you’re working on, and if possible, see if you can expand the world you’re building to incorporate those other 11 ideas. The stories don’t have to be directly related or even intertwined, just loosely connected and referenced in the same universe. If you can build a word that can encompass all of that, you’ve got a cash cow that will grab an agent’s attention a lot quicker than a single novel-wonder ever would.


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