What’s up, what’s up, what is up!!!???

So I just wanted to provide a quick update. This is it, readers!!! 10 days left to release! Hopefully some of you have dusted off your copies of An Empire of Ashes for this one!


Artist: Brett Warniers 

Photographer: Rick Chandler

Model: Sheri Lee

So sit tight, the book is on its way!!! Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and read a book! (Or perhaps throw on some Heroes of Mighty Magic in the meantime! It’s an awesome album!)

“The Butcher’s Endsong”

“The most difficult enemy to fight is often oneself, their past, and guilt.

Sgt. Petra Penkrav came to learn this the hard    way. After serving the Empire loyally for several years, she gets transferred to a new post, guarding a camp where dragons and dissidents are in protective custody… or so the imperial propaganda says.

Petra quickly realizes this new posting is not an internment camp at all. It’s a death camp, and her job is to oversee the execution of its inhabitants. After watching a large group of dragons die, she resigns. Attempting to leave the horrors behind, she settles into a mundane existence on her family’s farm.

Her hope to live in obscurity is short-lived when an enemy soldier appears at her doorstep, desperate to save the woman he loves. Hoping to gain some level of forgiveness for her crimes, she agrees to help and sets out on a journey that will forever change the course of history. The only question is whether that history will remember her as a hero or a war criminal.”


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Thanks friends!

Catch you on the flip side!


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