Hello all!

Just wanted to give another update. Cataclysm Protocol Red is proceeding very quickly.

We just finished the cover blurb, which I am happy to reveal!

Fear has a way of bringing out the worst in people. Those who were once friends can quickly turn into enemies, revealing aspects of their personality that should have been impossible.

The Red War, which brought both humans and dragonkind to the brink of destruction, has been over for decades, and the world has rebuilt itself better than it was. Dragons and humans have learned to live together in peace, but some of the old scars remain. In a desperate move to finally rid the United Provinces of the West of the last-remaining evils of the past, Senator Zall successfully pushed to get the Charleston bio lab shut down once and for all. The dilapidated structure represented the worst of humanity as Dr. Castillo had used it as a testing ground for his sickening experiments on dragons.

As a leading biochemist with the Ministry of the Interior, it fell to Dr. Lumé Adams and her colleagues to clean up the mess. Long hours and constant neglect of her husband were the norms of her life. All that would quickly change when she uncovers something nefarious hiding in the bowels of the labs. A freak accident traps her with a manufactured pathogen that, if let loose, could wipe out life on the planet. Her husband, Captain Archer Adams, moves quickly to free his wife, but he soon discovers he’s not the only player involved. Other factions seek to contain the virus for purposes that could send the United Provinces of the West down a very dark path.”

There’s a lot more great things coming! So sit tight, be safe, and read a book!

Thanks all!


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