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So with the looming release of Cataclysm Protocol: Red very near, I’ve been asked many times what the future of the series will be. Releases to the series have been fragmented and out of order. This has led to a lot of questions coming down the pipe.

So to that, I want to speak to where I am with the series. In truth, The Butcher’s Endsong is by no means the final send off I want for the series. So to answer the question on everyone’s mind… yes, there will likely be one more book to round the whole thing out. I’ve started writing notes and working out some of the details, but haven’t figured out a central story yet. Thus, I’m not announcing the next book definitively at this time.

Just one more?

The answer is… probably? Keep in mind, it’s been a long road. I’ve been writing full-length novels since 2007, publishing work since 2013 (I think?), and been putting out a book almost every year since. In truth, it’s been a real labor of love and the Drakin series has gone much MUCH further than I ever thought it would. The series was meant to be a trilogy, nothing more. Having doubled that number was more than I ever thought possible. I’ve loved every minute of it, but the fact remains that this isn’t my full time job and finding time to write while working and maintaining a home life is never easy.

Writing these books takes considerable time and effort. It can be quite draining after a while. Thus, at this point, I’m of the mind that it’s time to pull back and focus my energies elsewhere.

So, does that mean that this is the end? Heck NO! My wife doesn’t even believe that I’ll stop writing even after the next one. So maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll find more energy and more inspiration. However, that’s a lot of maybes. I’m still going to write, but my releases are going to be significantly scaled back, and I can’t say that Drakin is going to receive much more attention when I get the final book finished.

Anyway, take all that as you will. Stay tuned, more good things are coming, just be patient!


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Thanks friends!

Catch you on the flip side!


1 Comment on “The Future of the Drakin Series #Writing #Fantasy #SciFi

  1. The fact that people are you asking for more is a proof that you’re doing things right. Drakin has beome one of my avorite reads, and I’ll appreciate any further book that comes out, but if this is the end, then I’ll e glad for the journey it’s been so far anyway.

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