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Half-elf description

I’ve looked through the different works and various forms of elves and what their half-breed children are like. Half Breeds in some stories look like their human parent, almost completely and I’ll explain why below… In other stories, they are mixed, though in most, they have slightly pointed ears, but otherwise look like humans. So far, there is one consistency; elven genes are recessive … Read More Half-elf description

Don’t write while sick…

I’m not kidding. Write when you’re sad, it’s when the best poetry comes out, often. Write when you’re angry… you’ll be surprised how much you get done rage writing… though you may have a lot of editing to do. Write when you’re frustrated, it’s therapeutic to take out your frustrations on your characters who have done nothing wrong to you. Yes, write in most … Read More Don’t write while sick…

Killing off a Character…

This is a tough thing to do sometimes, unless you’ve set that character up to die from the start. If you have an Obi Wan Kenobi just waiting to be sacrificed for the main character’s development, that’s one thing, but what about a character whom you may not have initially intended to kill off? What about a character that’s had significant development and may … Read More Killing off a Character…


Divinity in Hardcover

After a long time of waiting, the Hardcover version of Divinity has finally made it to circulation! It can be purchased at (hopefully) all major retailers and online. Here is the Amazon listing.  Divinity: Giovanni was a poor fisherman living in 16th Century Venice. His entire family had been lost to the white plague. He suffered through their deaths only to discover that he … Read More Divinity in Hardcover

Indirect Sequels…

So I know I’ve touched on this already, but given how much I love this and how much thinking of it sooner may have saved me time and frustration during the publishing phase, I thought I’d go into a bit more detail. When I finished writing Divinity, I thought to myself, “Now it’s done, perfect, an epic story that will no doubt catch the … Read More Indirect Sequels…


Divinity, Part 1, Book 1: Before the Fall, Chapter 1

I A cool breezed passed through Azrael’s hair as he and his apprentice, Adalyn, touched down on the steps of the Most High’s temple. It was a beautiful morning in the Celestial World. There was not a cloud in the sky to impede their flight. Azrael landed first, his silver armor still showing tarnish from the days of war long passed. His wings were … Read More Divinity, Part 1, Book 1: Before the Fall, Chapter 1

More musical inspiration!

As I put the final touches on Divinity, this song was playing quite often. The sound of the male and female vocals mixed with a very unusual style of music really got the ideas flowing. This is Van Canto… sort of an Acappella Metal band…

Divinity Q&A

Hi all, thought I’d do a little question and answer session about Divinity. Some of these were questions that people have asked me over time in working with the book, others are just questions that I know some people are wondering, or may ask after reading, so I thought I’d get them out of the way now. If I miss any though, please feel … Read More Divinity Q&A


Divinity up on Amazon.

It looks like Divinity is now up on both Kindle and Softcover through Amazon. Hardcover to follow soon. Kindle Softcover



It is with great pride and a little trepidation, that I announce that Divinity is now and forever Published!!! 450 pages James\Harrington ISBN-13: 978-0692336410 (Custom Universal) ISBN-10: 0692336419 BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / Historical Synopsis: How could it come to this? Why would God let this happen to me? These were questions two very different souls in very different circumstances were forced to ask. … Read More DIVINITY… IS PUBLISHED!!!!

Author’s Advice Pt. 8

How difficult is it? Heh, unbelievably if you go the traditional route! Even if you go the indie route, it’s difficult… Okay, that’s the short -literal- answer. Here’s the real one: So you’ve got an idea in your head. You’ve got a story you want to write, now you want to write it and get it published… awesome! So how do you do it? … Read More Author’s Advice Pt. 8

Author’s page!

Hi All, Just a quick update, my Amazon page is now officially up and running! Feel free to stop by and check it out! My Page Catch you on the flip side! -Jim