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Action Figure Collection Woes >:(

  So as most everyone knows… I’m huge into action figure collecting. There are two big ones I’m waiting for. The first and perhaps most important is a commissioned one-of-a-kind action figure. See I love Skyrim… but let’s face it, the figures that came out from the game kinda sucked! All they had was a Daedric lord and a fairly generic Dragonborn. Yeah sign me … Read More Action Figure Collection Woes đŸ˜Ą


Marvel Comics Endsong…

Perhaps it’s time for Marvel to consider ceasing production of its comics. I think we’ve gotten to that point. They’ve pretty much proven that they don’t know what they’re doing anymore or they’ve taken on the disastrous business model of trying to appeal to extreme political ideologues who are too busy being offended by things to read comics. I mean it’s bad enough that … Read More Marvel Comics Endsong…

Defending a Movement Vs. Its Rights

  As a writer… I’m always vexed when the issue of Freedom of Speech comes up. There has been a lot of talk lately about protected speech vs. unprotected speech, as well as when physical violence is acceptable and when it isn’t. I’d like to try to tackle this without getting into a massive political diatribe, because that frankly helps no one. Now often … Read More Defending a Movement Vs. Its Rights

Diversity and Good Writing

There has been a lot of talk lately about how diversity is killing good writing… or perhaps more accurately, studios and companies have been accused of using diversity as a stand in for good writing. I honestly had no idea the two were mutually exclusive. There is truth to the idea that many creators out there have been producing complete garbage, but seem to … Read More Diversity and Good Writing


Wonder Woman: A Fitting Tribute

So I just saw Wonder Woman… All right, let me start of by saying that I did not have high hopes for this movie… Hear me out! The initial reviews of this movie that I saw came from Salon and The Mary Sue… You know… these yellow journalists: Back off, men—they’re scientists: New “Ghostbusters” trailer gets slimed by sexist trolls The Ghostbusters Trailer Backlash Shows Men … Read More Wonder Woman: A Fitting Tribute


Meaningful Quote.

Lifted from BleedingCool.com: “Publishers, get your politics out of my stores! We live in a climate of polarity, with people being violently opposed to issues and events. Note the word “violently” and then think about what you’re bringing to our stores.  With every new proclamation from either the White House or CNN we have a new round of vitriol coming from the opposing side.  … Read More Meaningful Quote.


You Want More Trump? (Part 2)

Yeah Marvel is at it again… no narrative, no use of metaphor, no nothing… just straight up preaching and political activism. So glad I stopped collecting marvel. What’s more, it’s a false narrative based on hate and fear mongering. The ban isn’t a muslim ban. It’s a travel ban against nations that harbor terrorism. That’s all. There are plenty of other countries that Muslims … Read More You Want More Trump? (Part 2)

Unpopular Opinion: Yes, The Ewok Adventures ARE CANON!!

Someone needs to make a fan film ‘Star Wars Infinite: The Canon Wars.’ Directors, get on it!!! Yeah for a very long time now we’ve seen fans arguing back and forth over what is and is not canon… and my understanding is that the ONLY things that are considered canon now are the films and anything that George Lucas himself had a hand in… … Read More Unpopular Opinion: Yes, The Ewok Adventures ARE CANON!!


Ruining my Childhood.

I’ve heard this phrase over and over. We saw it come to a height during the Ghostbusters debacle, but it’s been around since before and long after. Mostly, people who use this and similar phrases are mocked as being man-babies, among other less flattering things. What does the phrase mean? Well basically when you say that something is ruining your childhood, they’re saying that … Read More Ruining my Childhood.


Custom Action Figures

I want to talk a little bit about action figures once more as I’m an avid collector of them. They’re fun to display, fun to collect, and certainly fun to play with your kids with… unless they’re the $30+ ones with fragile parts… then yeah, just the first two! But what about characters that don’t have action figures, either because they’re just not popular … Read More Custom Action Figures