As Damnation slowly begins to take form, I thought it might be a good idea to give everyone an introduction to one of the main characters and arguably one of the best characters I’ve ever created, Xaphan.

Species: Angel
Affiliations: Choirs of the Most High, Legions of Hell.
Rank: General

Character profile: Xaphan was originally created by Collin de Plancy in his book, Dictionnaire Infernal. While some of the history remained the same, Xaphan’s gender, overall personality, and appearance have been drastically altered.

Xaphan was originally a skilled tactician in the Choirs of Angels. Upon Lucifer’s uprising, she defected and became his general. For an immeasurable amount of time, Xaphan lead Lucifer’s forces against the armies of the Most High, lead by Saint Michael, fighting them to a stalemate. The war seemed to be without end until a courageous band of angels infiltrated Lucifer’s ranks and managed to capture him. Xaphan considered the act dishonorable and unfitting to the ranks of angels.
With their leader gone, Lucifer’s army fell into disarray. General Xaphan managed to organize the remaining legions into a resistance movement, but they were slowly hunted down and overwhelmed. Xaphan herself was captured and hauled before the Choirs for judgement. Her wings were cursed so that she’d never be able to fly to the Celestial World again and she was cast into the Netherworld. No one knows what became of her following her expulsion…

Unlike Lucifer, Xaphan sought neither prestige nor rank. She joined his cause after learning that the world the Most High was creating was not intended as a reward for endless servitude the angels had endured. The fact that it was being given to a child race that would not respect it, or its creator, was more than Xaphan could tolerate. She joined Lucifer in an effort to free her brethren from eternal bondage.

In addition to being a skilled tactician, General Xaphan is unmatched in single combat with the sword, she is ruthless, vicious, unapologetic, brilliant, and incredibly strong. She lives by a strict code of honor which was evident during her first attack. She successfully destroyed the Celestial Temple, but not without first warning the people within, giving them time to evacuate non-combatants. She viewed the spilling of angel blood, any angel, to be a terrible waste.

5 Comments on “Character Profile: General Xaphan

  1. This sounds pretty epic. It sounds like you are obviously inspired by stories or themes in the Bible and a branch of Christianity. May I ask if you are a Christian, and if so, what denomination?


    • Ah a difficult question to answer. I was born and raised Catholic. Around the end of High School and early college, I had a bit of a crisis of faith.
      Inspired by the words of my religious ed teacher, who taught about the differences and nuances of history vs. faith, I began my own spiritual journey. I spent time with Buddhists, other Christian sects, Hindu’s, Muslims, and Jews.
      I even spent time studying the Occult with a book known as the Magus as my primary guide.
      Eventually, all roads lead me back to the teachings and traditions of my born religion.
      So technically, I am catholic by nature, though I question every tidbit the Church releases, weigh it against history and my own personal belief and make my own decisions from there.
      Hope that answers your question.


      • Yes, it does answer my question. I’m glad that you found you’re way back to Catholicism. Catholicism is actually an impressively rational, genius organization (if you wanna call it that).


    • Actually just an art pencil, paper towel for smudging and some printer paper. I sketched it during a slow day at work.


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