From Damnation
Species: Human
Rank: Ensign
Affiliation: Papal Army, Army of the Republic of Florence

Character Information: A brazen young commissioned officer in the Florentine Army during the War of the League of Cognac, Piero Lorenzi seeks to restore the name of his house, who’s honor was taken due to his father’s cowardice. He serves faithfully though his commanding officer, Captain Ferruccio has frequently noted a troublesome level of tardiness in Piero’s performance when it comes to him being on time for his duty. He loves his city and has vowed to protect it from anyone, be it Emperor Charles V, or anyone else who would dare try to breach their walls.

He is very close to the men in his unit and treats them like family. The men he fight with are his friends and would follow him into battle, regardless of risk.

Piero dreams of partaking in a fantastic adventure like those he’d read about as a child… he may soon get his wish…

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