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Me again! I was looking at the book again and was curious about the almost insta-evolution of the dragon species as you’ve set it up. As you’ve said, Qira is a G3/4 drakeas(Dragon) living on Earth. In her, we see the evolutionary changes. She’s smaller, her skin is softer, her mental abilities are stronger, and she has a hairy mane instead of spikes.

In only three to four generations, we saw radical changes happen to the drakeas species. Yet two hundred years later, Nayeli doesn’t seem all that different from Qira. We know based on your writing, she’s only about twenty-something years old, making her around a hundred eighty years younger than Qira. I’m just curious why we saw such radical changes in only three generations, but then centuries later there’s no difference.

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Hi again Ella,


So let’s go back and take a look at the original post I made tackling this subject as I think you may have misunderstood the Drakin definition of generations. In my Drakeas post, I stated that generations do not mean one specific family group; grandfather, father, son = 3 generations. No, it’s more like GenX, Millennial, GenZ, etc.

Generation 1: Original dragons or the dragons born in the first 10 years on Earth.
Generation 2: Dragons born in the next ten years on Earth.
Generation 3: Born a minimum of 20 years after the dragons landed on Earth.

So when we say she’s Gen3, that doesn’t mean she’s third-generation-Terran-born. Far from it. Given the short amount of time it takes for a dragon to mature, how many litters a dragon can have in the span of a few years, and how quickly dragons bread an army to attempt to take on humanity, it’s likely that Qira’s line has six or more familial-generations that have been born on Earth. Yes, in the beginning, bread quickly and often in order to swell their ranks. This toned down towards the end of the war as many were being born deformed or still-born and the dragons had no idea why. This is why Nylen only had one ling; Qira.

We saw such evolution in the first three to five period generations because dragons had to adapt to living on Earth. They came from a different planet that had an atmosphere slightly richer in nitrogen. They either adapted or died. If they were still adapting 200 years after the war, the species would likely be dying out by then.

So in this case, the easiest answer is the right one; Qira was the result of that evolutionary shift and dragons going forward from her generation look more like her.

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