“One listen and you’ll feel like you can run out and slay a dragon!”

Finally got my hands on Dragonforce’s latest album. Paint me relieved!!!

The Power Within was great, but it wasn’t up to DF’s normal standard… the lengthy guitar solos and speedy tempo were noticeably absent from many of their songs.
Then came Maximum Overload… Ugh… I mean it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. Scaled against the other Dragonforce albums, it was arguably the worst one. Dragonforce is a band I can often listen to from cover to cover, and being a huge fan…

DF1(Perhaps super fan might be a better name…)

While I have a hard time saying anything bad about them, I was wholeheartedly relieved by this album. Reaching to Infinitely has everything the old Dragonforce used to have. It’s no Ultra Beatdown, but… let’s face it, NOTHING is going to top Ultra Beatdown.

When to listen:
“We reached for the moon
We conquered the stars
We cried for the tears of yesterday
Still strong to the end
‘Til we’ll meet again
Remember the glory of the brave

We stand at the dawn
Our kingdom reborn
And wait for the sun to rise again
A light in the sky
So free and so wild
A light from our last eternal flame”

Final fight build-up. No doubt about it. This is where all hope will either be justified or lost.



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