And so here we are…

As promised, the cover design is now live and ready!!! The book’s scheduled release date is a go!



Allow me the luxury of introducing the talented people behind this work…

Artist: Brett Warniers 

Photographer: Rick Chandler

Model: Jenson Tavares

These people are very talented and I’d recommend them and their work any day of the week!

The release date of the book is still on track for May 25th! So stay frosty, stay safe, and read a book! We’ll talk to you again soon!

“Tale of a Frozen Heart”

“War always comes with consequences, many of which are not immediately apparent. The remaining dragons were allowed to integrate into human society, despite many underlying tensions. A recently discovered ability that makes dragons appear more humanlike has helped move things along. However, not everything is as peaceful as it seems.

Asher Cole is attending his final year in one of the many integrated high schools. Life is relatively mundane until he crosses paths with Taryn, a green-eyed girl who does nothing but make his life difficult. They wind up stuck working together on a science project. As he works with her, it becomes apparent that there is more to her than meets the eye.

A dark secret that even she doesn’t know could threaten the fledgling peace. Taryn’s dreams become haunted by a malevolent entity that is hell-bent on destroying her. Ash is in a race to save them both before they both lose their sanity. If he fails, she will not have the strength to prevent this unknown evil from wreaking havoc on the world.”

The projected release date of the book is May 25. So stay frosty! Releasing a new book never get’s old and I’m very excited for this one!

Stay safe, stay healthy, read a book!


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Thanks friends!

Catch you on the flip side!


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