I’m just going to say that straight up, I despise Metallica and the notion that they are somehow a metal band. I don’t even consider them a hard rock band. They’ve taken up the alt-rock emblem of Creed and Tantric… though sadly have not suffered the same fade into obscurity.

That… being… said… there was a time when they were a metal band. This album, ‘And Justice For All’ was the end of that era. From the Black Album onwards, this band has been an ear sore that punk rockers and little kids listen to when they want to look hardcore… without actually being hardcore.

Anyway, back on topic…

When to listen: This is an evil song, a really evil song. The opening guitar solo with demonic sounds in the background used to make the hair stand up on the back of my neck. It was especially menacing if I listened to this song at night either driving or when I was laying down. For some reason I always envisioned this song being the theme of a story about a guy who’s home is right on the border of Hell. He can hear the demons and knows if he steps outside his house at night, he’s probably doomed.
Yeah I have a demented imagination, but what fantasy writer doesn’t?
Listen to this song when writing a scary scene in your story. The menacing music give an air of impeding danger from afar.



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