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Soul Siphon Update!

Ugh! It’s so difficult to keep up on my blog while working on my book. I’m not even kidding! That said… we do have an update! First off, I’d like to give a special shout out to a truly skilled writer that has taken on the dubious task of editing my book, you all know him as Eric, or Eric79. Eric has been a … Read More Soul Siphon Update!


The Disney Effect…

You know… I’m starting to understand the gripe everyone has with Disney’s… bastardization of children’s literature. Initially, whenever someone griped over the princesses or the cheesy love at first sight stories, I kind of just rolled my eyes. Come on, they were harmless children’s stories, right? Well… Yesterday, we put on Mickey and the Beanstalk for Gabe and… well let’s just say it’s a … Read More The Disney Effect…


So several changes have been made since the get-go! The name of our main character has been altered and so has the title. Please see the info below: Name: Soul Siphon Page Count: 515 Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal/Superhero A starved child, an assassinated soviet solider, a woman abandoned on the streets of Hong Kong, a victim of history’s most mysterious killer, and a young man … Read More NEW BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT!!!


Writing’s Most Difficult Aspect

“I’m curious, but what have you found one of the most difficult things that comes with writing?” -Steven Capps Hi Steven, There are a lot of hurdles to overcome in writing… a lot. This is just me personally, but the hardest thing for writing is finding the time to write and then pulling myself away from the keyboard when I need to. It is … Read More Writing’s Most Difficult Aspect


Bringing History to Life

Hi Jim, Congrats on the new Novel! So I was wondering about historical characters. You mentioned that much of your work is historical fiction and I’m currently working on a story like that myself. I was wondering what difficulties you faced, if any, when you used a historical figure as a character in your writing? Many thanks, Liam. Hi Liam, Great question, and honestly … Read More Bringing History to Life


Grammar in Dialogue?

Hi Jim, I’ve been working on my story for a while and it takes me through a lot of dialogue along the way. I’m trying to write a modern story with slang and lingo that people today understand. However my spellcheck picks it up and gives me the ‘correct’ recommendations. I don’t want my writing to sound unprofessional, but I don’t want my characters … Read More Grammar in Dialogue?


Damnation Preview Chapter

I   There was a cold breeze in the air as Michael stood at the podium. In front of him, the Choirs of Angels filed into the main meeting hall little by little. The bitter chill complimented the rather dismal scene in front of him. The general of the Most High’s armies had seen worse over the years and did the best he could … Read More Damnation Preview Chapter


Damnation… sequel?

I’ve gotten a lot of questions on this one. I suppose that I may not have made this particularly clear on my previous posts… so I’ll try harder… Yes, Damnation is a sequel… technically. It is a follow-up novel to Divinity though dealing with an entirely different cast in the same universe: Do Divinity characters make an appearance? Yes, but mostly as cameos. Does this … Read More Damnation… sequel?


Damnation… Released!

This is a bittersweet moment for me. Up until now, General Xaphan and the entire cast of Damnation were all my own. They were characters that I created, gave personalities, and assembled into their story… but no longer. Now they are yours to go on an adventure with. After years of bleeding and sweating over creating and improving them, I have finally decided to let … Read More Damnation… Released!


Stand Your Ground!

Damnation is upon us!!! One more day until release…. Synopsis A soldier fighting a hopeless war, a broken angel torn between three worlds, and the fate of a nation hanging in the balance. Piero Lorenzi was used to danger. He’d been a soldier since was old enough to handle a sword, but nothing could have prepared him for the journey to come. As the army … Read More Stand Your Ground!

Going Against Your Beliefs.

So is it possible to ethically write characters or circumstances that go against your personal beliefs, code of honor, and/or standards? It’s not an easy thing to do, for sure, but to a point, I’d say yes. Allow me to provide an example: In college, I took classes dealing with European Socialism and Fascism. In one of the classes, we were asked to recreate … Read More Going Against Your Beliefs.

Author Advice Pt. 12

So… one thing I’ve always struggled with is how long each chapter should be. A few paragraphs, a few pages, what? The definition from Webster: Full Definition of CHAPTER 1 a :  a main division of a book b :  something resembling a chapter in being a significant specified unit <a new chapter in my life> 2 a :  a regular meeting of the … Read More Author Advice Pt. 12